If you’re serious about exploring playwrighting, this class is for you.


Develop a new idea, or figure out why that old one isn’t quite working. My workshop-style classes, practical lessons, and one-to- one consultations will help you get a script ready for submitting to producers, theaters, and festivals.

This retreat is designed to move you forward, practically from the first five minutes of the first class. Whether you’ve never written a play let alone a scene or you’re an experienced writer who’s tired of writer’s block or rejection without explanation, you’ll discover the power of your own writing even as you develop laser-sharp focus on what works and what doesn’t — in your writing and in that of others. By the end of a single week, you’ll have results you can use on your way to finishing a new play or polishing an old one.

"Be brave. Dive in. There is no judgement." - Amy R.


We’ll be working with a mix of lessons held in a completely encouraging atmosphere of support and collaboration. I’ll be giving you practical exercises that build and hone your writing skills while producing results that may surprise you with their ability to evoke reactions from others. I’ll teach you and the group how to give feedback that inspires each writer while affirming the power of their writing.

“I had been in a class that was all about making the writers feel good about themselves but didn’t really get me anywhere. Honest feedback is what helps you grow. Robert tells you what he thinks — love that.” - Bruce F.


We’ll tackle specifics, such as how to reveal character through private moments, ratchet up tension within a scene, determine the crucial moment of the action, and define the scope of the play. More than anything, you’ll learn the crucial art of writing dialogue that moves the action forward and creates characters who “pop,” and a lot more.

"After I took Robert’s class, I went back to my first play and saw clearly how I could build tension and put the audience closer to the edge of their seats." - John O.


If you’ve never written a play before, I’ll guide you in assembling scenes out of each of the new skills you learn, from writing expert monologues to crucial moments. If you’re an experienced writer, you’ll learn how to look at your work with a new eye.

"I spent the weekend revising my latest play and using the ideas from class to tear it apart.
It made it better. Much better."
Liz O.


You’ll be away from your daily grind, working against a backdrop of beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine, and inspiring cultures. You’ll have the option of writing breaks throughout the day, ranging from walks in the wilderness to (depending on location) exploring the local sights, landmarks, and history.